STEP 1 Take off your shoes, and put them in the shoe locker.



STEP 2 Paying the Bathing Fee



■ Bathhouse Entrance fee

Adults [over 12 years old] 520 yen

Children [6 years old to 12 years old] 200 yen

Young Children [less than 6 years of age] 100 yen

(prices from July 2023)

■ About children in the bath

In Tokyo there is a regulation that “do not boys and girls older than 7 years old when bathing.” Age limits that boys and girls can share the same bath will vary depending on the prefectures. If you plan to travel outside Tokyo, please check with the bathhouse where you are going.

■Tools for bathing

Most public baths will sell a towel for bathing, shampoo, soap, and other goods such as disposable razors. Recently, some public baths provide shampoo and body soap free of charge. Please check with the individual bathhouse when you visit.

■ About valuables

It is suggested that you do not bring valuables or large amounts of money to the bathhouse, for they can not accept responsibility if lost.In case you have,please deposit valuables with the front desk.

STEP 3 Find a vacant locker in the changing room, take off all your clothes.



It is the custom in a Japanese bathhouse to bathe without your clothes. Swimsuits and underwear can not be worn. Clothes are put in a locker in the changing room. Please take the key with you into the bath. Be careful not to loose it!

Bathhouses display a poster guide in the changing room to explain Japanese etiquette in bathing. In addition, there is the “Yu-Neko” (Bath Cat) Animation and the video, “Deep in Japan,” explaining the manners involved with taking a bath in Japan.



STEP 4 Let’s head to the bathroom with a small towel to use when washing!



STEP 5 Preparing the wash basin and stool, let’s wash so we can go cleanly into the bath!



STEP 6 Relax in the large bathtub.



STEP 7 A hand towel is used for washing, then drying, and back to the dressing room after drying.